Amsterdam Study Trip

A study visit to Amsterdam can reveal lots of hidden gems.

Koppert Cress

A little study trip to Amsterdam and Holland started with a visit to Koppert Cress in the growing region of southern Holland, Koppert Cress is a modern and forward thinking green house company, growing new herbs, edible flowers, cresses and grasses to modern cutting edge restaurants.
Koppert Cress source new products from all corners of the world and of course are exporting them backa again.

Special focus areas are healthy products and tailor made soloutions to demanding chefs, I hope they can help us with our hotel opening in September.
A special intro to the Big Green Egg grill was hosted by Ralph de Kok.

Ajax Amsterdam Arena

A study visit to Ajax Amsterdam's arena featured some real pearls, wine units, kiosks, cash cards, vending machines and a host of other ideas, it just shows now that we have started at friends how much more work we have to do.


Bij Teus is a fantastic design restaurant, showing just how far one can develop a run down gas sation to a modern new thinking concept.
Bij Teus features an open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant, two big green egg grills are featured they are the main cooking units in the kitchen´, they are a major source of interest and discussion among guests. 
The menu featured special little treats like smoked ice cream on the Grill Menu.  

Pure Passie

Four grill dishes produced by Leo Elbenbass at Pure Passie, Leo uses a small big green egg during service in his restaurant.
The trial dishes only took minutes to grill, Leo uses his grill to prepare his mis en place before the start of service, then uses the grill the as the pivotal cooking unit during service.
Pretty impressive.

Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg Grills come in varying sizes. The Green egg shaped ceramic grill features temperature regulating possibilities, offering high temp grilling, smoking, baking, and low temp grilling, among other uses.
A low smoke output and long burning factor make the Big Green Egg grill a viable under canopy charcoal grill in  a restaurant kitchen. during our study trip we saw first hand from two Dutch restaurant chefs, Leo at Pure Passie and Marten at Bij Teus that modern food from The Big Green egg is a viable and exciting option.  


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