Melody festival 2013

Melody Festival 2013 

We've some big events coming up over the next month first out is the
Swedish Euro-vision final week at Friends Arena, the crew are setting the back drops and lighting into place, the final, three sold out shows in two days, about 100000 punters through the turnstiles.It will be a fantastic show, all of Sweden stops for this event.
We're busy in the kitchen planning and organising the logistical challenges in front us.
Three sold out shows over 100000 spectators and guests in two days, is it really happening how can so many people be interested, the Swedes are crazy about euro-vision!
35000 on Friday night followed by another 35000 Saturday matinee, then a couple of hours later another 35000 for the live final.
The final is live on Swedish TV if you can watch it, have a look at our arena. watch and enjoy I'll be busy in the kitchen.

We visited Sorunda Grönsakshallens new premises today what a lift for them, it feels great that our suppliers are behind us and we can turn to them for help and advice.         

New season strawberries they look fantastic, but a bit early to be sun ripened even if they come from Spain.

This will be followed by the Swedish Bandy final "land hockey played on ice" it should be a big day out with about 40000 spectators, it will be a new one for me.

Sweden-Ireland towards the end of march a world cup qualifying, it should be sold out. We'll be featuring Irish produce on the menu's, beef, lamb, oysters, crab, salmon, cheese, sounds like any other country but the Irish will be geared up for it, all washed down with Guinness and finished off with an Irish coffee.

The day after Mello "the Swedish Euro Vision final"
We can reflect on a busy day

What a kitchen team we have

Saturday evenings service
2 times 1200 banquette
700 buffet
1500 staff meals
dinner for 80
200 mingle plates
50 lodges with food for approx. 500 guests
a la carte 8 hours continuous service 800 guests
6000 hamburger

What a team, Thanks guys

The day before we had a full dress rehearsal and a matinee before the final, but who remembers how many guests we had for those two shows, a well earned day off today then straight back into it, 55000 in the arena next Saturday for the Swedish Bandy final. 1,6 ton "Swedish Hash" pytt i panna on the menu.  


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