Swedish Christmas smorgasbord menu

Friends Arena Swedish Christmas smorgasbord


Our menu this year is a little smaller than an exclusive Christmas smorgasbord, we had a little more volume than many of our competitors ca, 25000 guests. 
We had 5 Christmas events together with a Christmas show spread out throughout our arena catering venues. 
This photo is taken the top of the first grand stand, 8 of dec. 2012. We had just over 7000 guests on the pitch and another 1000 in our banquet room + Christmas tables for another 300+ in our private booths.

The whole football pitch at Friends as a Christmas party

From a kitchen view point our team has been working hard with planing and calculating for the
event, tomorrow is the first of five Christmas variety dinner shows that we'll be hosting this season.
Five shows within an eight day period, we'll be going up to 8000 guests next Friday.
We've only been open just over a month and have already hosted some fantastic events, this next week will be another challenge.

As a chef its not often you place an order for a tonne of something? we ordered 2 tonne of pork ribs for the week, our meat supplier of course is very pleased.
We've built up 4 satellite kitchens at pitch level and have had to order in a mobile dish washing machine, six extra convection ovens, five refrigerated containers, 17000 main course plates, among other items, 26 double sided buffet's, with a team of about 100 kitchen and buffet staff.
What a fantastic exciting and challenging work place. As we starting to warm up with events we are continuously looking for skilled and experienced team members to strengthen our kitchen, drop me a line if you are interested.

Swedish Christmas Smörgåsbord

Friends Arena


Black currant pickled herrings

Pickled Herrings
Inlagt sill

Garlic herrings

Crayfish herrings
Kräft marinerad sill

Friend's Arenas own dill and tarragon Baltic herrings
Friends dill och dragongravad strömming

Gentleman's savoury

Dill potatoes
Dillkokt potatis

Cumin spiced cheese, aquavit cheese
Kryddost, brännvinsost

Fäboda sourdough crisp bread, Huså crisp bread, wort bread
Fäboda surdegsknäcke, Huså Knäcke, Vörtbröd

Dill "gravad" salmon with sweetened mustard sauce
Gravad lax med hovmästaresås

Apple glazed hot smoked salmon with lemon and chive sauce
Äppleglaserad varmrökt lax med citron- och gräslökssås

Shellfish stuffed eggs with chives
ägghalvor med skärgårdsröra och gräslök

Traditional Christmas ham

Swedish mustard, seed mustard with honey and rosemary
Slottsenap, Husets senap med honung och rosmarin

Smoked haunch of deer with pickles
Rökt hjortstek med pickles

Butchers salami

Roe deer pate with cornichons and currant jelly
Rådjurspaté med cornichonger och gelé

Smoked turkey breast with Waldorf salad
Kalkonbröst med Waldorfsallad

Beetroot salad

Swedish meatballs


Janssons temptation
Janssons frestelse

Honey and ginger glazed ribs with apple sauce
honung- och ingefärsglacerade revbensspjäll med äpplemos

Red cabbage

Saffrons pannacotta med vanilla lingon berries
Saffranspannacotta med vaniljkoktlingon

Apple pie with cinnamon sauce
Äppelpaj med kanelsås

Christmas chocolate cake

Citrus cream

Fruit salad

Whipped cream



Apples and mandarin
Äpplen och mandarin

Ginger bread

Stilton cheese, Brie with fruit and nuts
Stilton, brie med frukt och nötblandning

Polka curls

Apple and cinnamon marmelad, pear and cardamon marmelad
Äpple- och kanelmarmelad, fruktmarmelad, pear- and kardemummamarmelad

Mint caramels, toffee creams, violet and liquorice caramels, ginger bread fudge, sweets
Mint kola, gräddekola, viol & lakriskola, pepparkaksfudge, julskum

What an enormous task and what a team, a big thank you to all team members especially our new team members of all levels. a great effort, welcome back again. 


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