friends Arena the pitch opening football matches

The pitch for the first international

12 November 2012
This is what the pitch looks like for the opening match at Stockholm's new national arena "friends"
55000 spectators, Sweden-England, sold out
We'll be busy in the kitchen, too busy to watch the match.
We've especially imported Loch Fyne salmon to feature throughout the different menu's. Not really English, but Scottish is almost close enough.


Dream result for Sweden and the first match at Friends Arena
The view during the national anthem, we all know how it went after that.

The Argentinian wall

Head chef Krister making a few mental notes and going through the challenges before the Argentina Sweden match, the wall represents the individual group orders in our VIP lodges.

Friends arena was a logistical with up to 100 different food drops during a major event 

What an atmosphere at the early matches

This is the part of the night we never saw. Lots of snow on the outside nice and warm with a hint of spring on the inside, not bad for the middle of our Nordic winter.

50000 saw Sweden get a lesson in ball control and the benefits of ball possession.

We had a big night in the kitchen, a great team effort, we experimented with a new hot dog 6000 in total, we also tried hamburgers for the first time, 2500 hamburgers served from only 6 of our 40 kiosks, if and when our kiosks are rebuilt for hamburger service the'll be flying out the door.

we also tried a quick fix tex mex- hopefully it can turn into a premium taqueria bar.
The Argentinian food featured through out some of our outlets was a big success. 
We're looking forward to our next match against the Irish, oysters and Guinness on the menu.


Today 7 April 2013 is the first home match of AIK in their new Friends arena I just read in the paper 44000+ sold tickets I'm sure everyone is over the moon with those ticket sales.

I personally hope it turns into a fantastic family day out: the away team today is Syrianska from Södertälje, I wouldn't imagine they've played before so many either.

We'll be busy today as normal on event days, trying to make our fast food outlets more effective, we are putting lots of focus on our kiosks, making them more effective and user friendly.

Our Carlsberg bar as well as the adjoining bistro 1847 will be busy, Its generally packed from opening time,  a good tip is that they take table reservations, so if you are out in good time there's always a chance to get into the bar and restaurant early.

The Carlsberg bar opens for general lunch service now om Monday, a traditional Swedish lunch offering will be on offer, every week day.


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