Friends Arena the first concerts

Mojito time

You know its going to be busy when you order 500 kg lime wedges and another 400 kg as backup.
We have three sold out shows with Swedish House Mafia this week, with almost a tonne of limes on the way in there shouldn't be any problems ordering a Mojito. Cheers!!

How big were these guys
Swedish house Mafia live at Friends Arena
The public record holders for a number of years, three sold out concerts.

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band have just announced "5 December 2015" that they will be playing at Friends Arena on the 3 of May as part of their wrecking ball tour. I thought it was a bit strange that the tour was named after an old Emmylou Harris album, maybe they could've been a bit more selective with their name. But anyway it should be a great gig.
I don't suppose I'll get the day off maybe an old rocker can watch from the wings.

"fast forward to the event"

Our big week has arrived, Bruce springsteen arrived today 38 full loaded semi trailors, the first concert is tomorrow then saturday and again saturday week, three sold out gigs, about 55000 each night.
Should be fun- we're trying out some new adult fast food concepts,
Four different- fast food outlets

Primeur Gotland- a salad with new season potatoes, radish, dill and asparagus in wild ramson dressing, poached salmon and a 63 degree egg.

Sweden "Smakriket" - land of flavour, we've called it a Kornotto, a risotto using ecological barley wth root vegetables, grilled local mushrooms with a little mixed salad an goats cheese creme.

Taqueria- tortilla filled with pulled pork, cummin flavoured sour cream, topped with mint, coriander. our pulled pork is marinated with chocolate, coffee, ancho chili among other spices.

Nebraska- Nebraskan chuck steak marinated and slow roasted over night, and served in a focaccia grilled sandwich with garlic butter, soft dried tomatoes and fried onions. the grill is fantastic- a new micro grill from electrolux 25 seconds for a fantastic grilled beef sandwich, lets see what the punters think.

After 3 sold out Bruce Springsteen concerts (ca 165000 people) this week, I must admit, what a guy! at 63 years old the energy and stage presence he delivers is nothing short of fantastic.
Modern technology delivered constant close up pictures on the big screen throughout the concert, he was so happy and glad throughout the entire concert-. what a show.

I worked the hot dog stand on the pitch last night our goal was 3000 hot dogs in two hours, I don't think we quiet made it but at the end of the night I wasn't really motivated to count how many we sold.

the hot dog bun pile

Who would've thought after all my years in the kitchen I'd end up on a hot dog stand, but as I mentioned it was a special night and I suppose we'll be rolling out the hot dog stands again shortly so theres a need to know how they work so we can roster on the right people next time. Concert goers at the upcoming Kiss and Iron Maiden concerts seem like a great hot dog market.

A great job was done by all at friends arena, not only did we have the Springsteen concerts but a football match for 20000 and a One Direction concert for 30000.

Tomorrow is a new week, were kicking it of with a visit from Dynamo Zagreb- A testimonial "friendly match" in memory for Our Home team AIK' goalkeeper who passed away suddenly two weeks ago.

What a work place with major back to back events, theres never a dull moment.

As we move towards the hotel opening our arena events will be complimented with more conference and banqueting. When the two merge at the end of August our arena will be complimented with a 400 room conference hotel.


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