Friends Arena start up & public events

Friends Arena start up events

The following events & details are from Friends Arenas upstart through the pre opening period during autumn 2012 

Saturday 25 August 2012

Orriflame hosted the first event at Stockholm's new Friends Arena- 4500 sitting 3 course meal.
The event was a sales congress and incentive dinner for Orriflame salespersons from all corners of the world.
A fantastic light show and entertainment kept everybody going all night.
At the time of the Orriflame dinner we were only 3 or 4 employed in the Friends arena opening team, I think I was the only one to get my hands dirty on the night.   
The event was catered for by an external catering company working form the crew catering kitchen with the plate up in the arena entrance gates.

The first concert

2nd september 2012
Our first concert, a thank your party for the Arena builders, a selection of Swedish artists performed for the 15000 invited guests, it was also a trial run and initiation of eight of our forty concessions, what a great start. the first concert was also the launch of our special Friends Hot Dogs, they were really good tasting, good quality and a little larger than the normal Swedish Hot dogs, they were short lived, they were a little more expensive than the norm and the punters didn't want to pay for them.

A peek behind the scenes

A little you tube clip behind the scenes at Friends before the opening and a few comments about the ill fated super hotdog.

Name change

18 10 2012 the Hotel changed our name,
from Quality Hotel Arena to Quality Hotel Friends:
We'll also be working together with "Friends" a Swedish anti mobbing lobby group,  now its mega size with both the arena and hotel.



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