building progress friends arena 12 July-15 November 2012

Friends arena and Quality Hotel Friends

A new job Executive Chef at Friends Arena & Quality Hotel Friends, I started at the pre-opening stage in the summer of 2012.
The following photos show the building progress of Quality Hotel Friends the white tower with the round windows next to Friends arena in Solna, Stockholm.
The building site at the bottom of the pictures are of the Mall of Scandinavia.
The pictures are taken from the same window at our pre-opening office "since demolished" at Råstastrandsvägen.

12 July 2012
The middle of summer, the Hotel on the right is slowly getting higher.

19 July 2012
My second week at my mew job Quality Arena Hotel & Friends Arena, Sweden's new national football arena here in Stockholm.

26 July 2012
Another week another floor, you can see by the car park that every one is on holidays. The photo is taken from our office window.

2 August 2012
A nice sunny day a lot of action in the building site in the foreground, but hard to see any changes. The hotel is going up one floor per week.

9 August 2012
The hotel will be 25 stories high when finished, 450 rooms. The hotel will be linked to the banquet area through the kitchen on the right hand end of the side of the black fore building.

16 August 2012
Another cloudy day the hotel is now at the same level as wall of arena, its even bigger on the inside than it the picture.

23 August 2012
Another rainy day in Stockholm it seems like that's all we have had this summer, another floor completed up above the corner wall of the arena.

31 August 2012
Another floor this week, at last reinforcements to the kitchen all pre planning at the moment. On Monday 3 sept. four new team members, Pastry chef, executive sous chef, garde mange chef and assistant garde mange.
Great to be able to share some of the work load.welcome all
Saturday 25 August the first event was held at Stockholm's new Friends Arena- 4500 sitting 3 course dinner for Orreflame with guests from all corners of the world. A fantastic light show and entertainment kept everybody going all night. The event was catered for by external caters whom I got to work with, interesting to see how my normal role was changing.

7 September 2012
Lots of finishing touches being made to the inside of the area, "Vattenfall" have moved in to the green building next door, suddenly the car park is overfull.
Another floor this week, plus our first concert on the 2nd of September, a selection of Swedish artists and the opening of eight of our forty fast food concessions.
What a great start, the pace is picking up to the arena grand opening on the 27 of October.

14 September 2012
Another week another floor, about 40 days to the grand opening. the 1 October was another new recruitment day here in Solna.

14 September 2012
One month to the grand opening, another floor this week.

21 September 
One month to the grand opening, another floor this week.

4 October 2012
Building progress two weeks on since the last photo

1 November 2012
Big event on Saturday night 3500 guests on the pitch.
An even bigger event next Wednesday, Sweden England in a friendly footballs match sold out 55000 spectators it should be a big night and a greta test.

11 November 2012
Five weeks on since the last photo.
Only two weeks left now before the grand opening. another floor on the hotel, the hotel will open in sept next year.
Some major dinners booked in over the coming weeks as well as the England Sweden football match coming up on the 14 November.
Two new concerts confirmed, for next summer, Kiss and Iron Maiden.

A night time view, there are lots of late nights now, Friends arena grand opening in two days. I cnt say I've been watching the building process much of late.
And so we opened, tough weeks leading up to the opening many challenges all in all the challenges built a fantastic team.

12 November 2012
Another floor going up, the foundations of the shopping mall at the front are starting to take shape.
All action inside the arena and in our banqueting department. functions, events and lodge conferences keeping us on our toes.
Big match yesterday our first international football match- Sweden England 4-2 to Sweden. A packed house and fantastic atmosphere. I didn't get to see a second of the match, we were busy everywhere.
Swedish House Mafia next week followed by masses of Christmas Smorgasbords going up to 7800 in one night- must be a  record.


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