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Puntranella. Not really from outer space,  but unusual and exotic. The Puntarella, in it's glory a winter surprise. Puntarella Meet the Italian winter chicory that looks like it comes from an alien film. It’s always interesting when a new ingredient pops up in the kitchen. Puntarella is unusual, a bunch of light green pods growing in a head at the base of the plant encased in long thin saw-toothed leaves which are white ribbed and splaying into dark green leaves. The pods some what look like asparagus spears, thus the puntarella is sometimes goes under the name asparagus chicory.  A bitter salad and if you’re like me and a fan of bitter greens then have a go at Puntranella. Some more common readily available relatives are endive, radicchio, and escarole. Whats better than one puntarella? a box of puntarella. The pods have a taste and texture similar to raw fennel and celery thinly sliced they can be used as a crunchy salad ingredient in a mixed salad or primarily a puntarella sala

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