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Kajen "the Quay" Nacka Strand

Kajen, Nacka Strand 
Future Vision

Finding new and worthwhile challenges during the Corona pandemic hasn't been a walk in the park.This little property development challenge has turned into a multi facetted project with new and complex challenges during pre-opening, opening, and operational fazes as we move towards our long term goal in the above artist impression. A year round waterfront quay in Nacka "almost central Stockholm"    

Pergola Building

The placement and building of our restaurant pergola was the first building block to be completed, here is work in progress, tucked between two buildings direkt on the quay, Blockhusudden & Djurg√•rden lie directly opposite the build. The pergola became our restaurant, now upon its completion it is weatherproof and will serve us as a dining room long into our fast approaching winter. 
Sail by

Big Ships come sailing by. During summer Stockholms waterways are a hive of activities with a seldom seen array of pleasure craft, ferries …

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