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Kajens New Kitchen

Kajens new kitchen 2021 The new central kitchen is complete this kitchen will serve our external satellite kitchens, banqueting room, cafe and our new restaurant Fabrik├Âr.  26th February, the floor is cut p to install the floor and equipment plumbing and drainage.  3rd March, all filled in again  11th March, central heating in place, all clear for tiling the walls. 7th July, the walls are tiled, the walk in fridges and freezer are assembled in the back of the kitchen and the ventilation canopies are being installed. 1st July, the new kitchen equipment arrives  luckily we have ample space to store everything in while the build catches up a little. 5th August, the main kitchen area, the floor is finished and we're ready for the equipment installation.  5th August, the back corridor dish-wash area, mice en place, transport thoroughfare to the delivery bay. is also completed and ready for the equipment installation.  6th August, and in it goes all the equipment is packed up and install

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