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Dubai the big pose

Dubai - the big pose Here i am posing on the way into one of Dubai's exclusive restaurant/night spots, mind you I had to wait in line with the more professional media hounds.   Some cities are called the big apple, the big easy, the Venice of the north etc. after almost 7 months in Dubai I’ve decided that Dubai should be called “the big pose”. Dubai itself is a super modern, fast developing and expanding city, every new building has its own thought-out wow factor, the existing city, it seems like every city decision is made to impress someone. The city as I left last week will be different next time I visit, even if I’m a bit negative towards my visit/time in the city I hope to get back there mainly just to see how its changed. This fast-moving city is built on this simple equation, Cement & greed = Dubai There are many traffic shots to awe at in Dubai, this photo surrounded with it's Arabesque design makes it almost religious depending of course on what you believe in. Dub

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