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Antibes - riviera break Like a pearl necklace  the famous riviera towns/cities lie along the riviera coast. To the novice tourist the towns and cities run into their neighbours, one doesn’t know where they start or finish, Antibes lies like a pendant somewhat in the middle. one of the many beaches along the Antibes waterfront  Costal Antibes comprises of rocky headlands little coves and beaches they are always full of locals and riviera tourists. The more inaccessible the headlands are, the larger the houses are. The Mediterranean is warm and inviting with a water temperature as inviting as it is blue. The beaches are well looked after and patrolled by life guards and theres not a wave in sight. “there’s money in them there beaches”   street smart We stayed in the old town and very charming it is, the old town is the city's tourist window, nice and clean, the streets, squares, and buildings are all well looked after, pot plants are watered, rubbish bins are emptied. The old town th

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