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Revisited NEPO Kitchen Consulting 2022

NEPO Kitchen Consulting 2022 NEPO Kitchen Consulting AB Another troubled year in the world, in Europe our year was dominated by political challenges. Our industry is still struggling to survive while our social infrastructure still fights with the covid virus, energy cost and the uncertainty which the war in Ukraine has bought with it. Here is a quick recap on my 2022. January. Still working in Dubai at “The greatest show on earth” world expo 2020 I spent many weeks systematically roaming through all the pavilions at expo 2020 Dubai “on my days off and after work” Which is the best national pavilion, how does one rate them all? My list of the best pavilions that participated in the world expo 2020 is  Best pavilion overall: Japan. Most interesting large pavilions, not ranked in order: Germany, Pakistan, UAE, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Israel & Singapore Most interesting smaller pavilions, not ranked in order: Benin, Cambodia, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Jamaica & Mali Feb

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