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Gelato University

After many years of making, tasting & building an opinion about the quality of gelato and sorbet, I've just had the opportunity to reverse all those years and start from scratch again at Carpigiani's gelato university held by their local equipment supplier Primulator here in Stockholm    Some of the equipment we used, a pasteurising unit, a mixer and two of Carpigianis top of the line machines. Even though our introduction course was short it became very clear very quick that these machines should not only be essential in a gelateria but also in any large quality driven hotel kitchen,  they could easily be incorporated into work and purchasing synergies and kitchen economies.      Yours truly packing a doggy bag of our daily efforts, a big selection of a dozen or so flavours.   And so can the finished product look like, a blueberry sorbet & vanilla gelato and a hazelnut combo. Presentation of the finished gelato/sorbet direct from the ice cream machine takes trial and e

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